Door Prize: Yoga Supernova in Kihei

Have you met Sara Khorshid? She’s been at every Maui Mixer, and if you’ve met her, you surely remember her positive energy and vital, youthful enthusiasm.

(Figures … she’s a yogini!)

Her oceanfront Yoga Supernova classes take place on that gorgeous green fronting Kamaole Beach II at the Hale Pau Hana Resort. What an amazing place to practice yoga – out in the fresh air, with the Pacific pounding the rocks below you. But it’s not just Sara’s elite yoga instruction that attracts students; it’s also the extra goodies you get in class: aromatherapy oil applications, relaxing adjustments, and, if you’re a very good little student, a dolphin sighting. All ages and levels of experience are welcome.

Sara is contributing a door prize of a gift certificate for her class which is worth $10 … but priceless for what it can do for you. The only way to win it is to attend the June 30, 2011 Maui Mixer and drop your business card in the bowl.

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