March 30, 2011 Maui Mixer @ David Paul’s Island Grill, Lahaina, Maui

Chef David Paul Johnson of David Paul's Island Grill in Lahaina worked some serious foodie magic at the March 2011 Maui Mixer.

When Chef David Paul Johnson told us he wanted to host a Maui Mixer, we were thrilled! Already well-known for his expressive, bold flavors, he has also stepped up the action in Lahaina with dressed-to-kill parties at his Front Street restaurant David Paul’s Island Grill.

“Ooh, la, la!” we thought … and apparently, so did the Maui Mixers in attendance: we had Mixers drive from as far away as Hana to nibble on the passed appetizers (yummo) and sip the swanky cocktails!

DJ Del Sol stepped up when we announced the venue and volunteered to provide beats for the Mixers; his smooth moves matched the crowd’s mood perfectly and carried us all night long.

Angelina Hills of Aloha Portraits had a really fun idea: bring her brand-new photo booth! Mixers donned wigs and silly glasses and took photo after photo, carrying the little strips home as mementos of the night. Too, too, too cute!

The door prizes were incredible: a day in the kitchen with Chef David Paul (including a coursed dinner served by Chef), $500 value, won by wedding photographer Anna Kim. In a sweet twist of fate, Dj Del Sol won the beautiful box of chocolates from Melanie Boudar of Sweet Paradise Chocolatier. (Donating your talents to Maui Mixer apparently creates excellent instant karma.) Hawaii on TV’s cool t-shirts were quickly snapped up by lucky winners.

Here’s the video HawaiiONTV made of the night!

And here is the video made by Moriah Diamond: