About Maui Mixer

Exclusively for Maui business owners and entrepreneurs, Maui Mixers are fun events designed to help you network and socialize with like-minded people. Like most successful ventures, Maui Mixer started the same way an old commercial for peanut butter cups did: two seemingly unrelated ideas collided into each other to create something new and dee-lish-ous.

In December, 2010, James Jacobson (entrepreneur and marketing expert) noted the relative lack of fun-but-business-oriented events on Maui. Later in the same conversation, Jen Tempchin (Maui realtor and world traveler), mentioned a restaurateur friend who had a great venue for a party.

Bam, bing, boing: Maui Mixer was born ... and now Maui business owners and entrepreneurs can mix business with pleasure.

The Maui Mixer Catalysts

James Jacobson, Maui Marketing Mastermind

James Jacobson

Over his career (he started his first company while in college), James Jacobson built and sold two multi-million dollar media companies, pioneered the use of videos in direct marketing, “marketed” meditation to hundreds of thousands of dog lovers with his best-selling book, and is loved by millions for his short online video Do You Remember Love? James grew up in Washington, DC, but went into “semi-retirement” and moved to Maui in 2003. Although he enjoys the balmy weather, he can’t seem to stay under his beach umbrella. The incredible advances in technology make it possible for him to do as much from Maui as he ever did in the nation’s capital. He is currently the President and Publisher of Maui Media, which publishes (among other titles) the second-best-selling guidebook to Maui ... but most of his time is now dedicated to his work as CEO in his favorite entrepreneurial venture to date: Functional Nutriments. In his spare time, James teaches the Maui business community his Congruent Marketing™ classes, including the latest and best marketing strategies and tactics.

Jen Tempchin, Maui: Life's Too Short to Live Anywhere Else

Jen Tempchin

In her business as a Maui real estate consultant Jen Tempchin is that unusual combination of assertive negotiator, trustworthy peer, and compassionate friend. She specializes in working with first-time (and often a little nervous) home buyers, mainland buyers, and second-home buyers ... it's no wonder she's known as your Maui Friend. Her emphasis on enthusiastically educating her clients about the Maui real estate market and island lifestyle is inspired by her love for the ocean and for people all over the world, and her clients' response to her genuine interest in helping them through the home buying process.  Her extensive real estate, travel, and SCUBA diving experiences make her a great resource for life on Maui and abroad.  Jen’s natural networking skills are legendary from her hometowns Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, to Maui, and all the way to Bali – making Maui Mixer a natural outlet for her event planning skills.