Maui Mixer Sponsorship

Maui Mixers are fabulous events because everyone involved does what they do best (and nothing else). James Jacobson, the entrepreneur-and-direct-marketing-consultant-who-was-obsessed-with-social-media-before-the-term-was-coined and Jen Tempchin, the Maui-Realtor-who-knows-everyone-and-whom-everyone-likes, make sure that hundreds of Maui locals gather to network, socialize, and (most importantly) talk about Maui Mixers with their friends, neighbors, and customers later on.

The range of businesses represented at Maui Mixers is wide - from gelato makers to realtors to employment agency owners to musicians to web designers to building contractors to landscape architects to massage therapists to handymen. We've even had an astrologer! They clamor for more events, and are always ready to bring their business owner and entrepreneur friends. Here's a link to our page on Facebook, where our community is thriving: Maui Mixer on Facebook.

Event sponsors have a most excellent opportunity: to show off their skills to a community of people who make decisions, spend money, and influence others. If you've wondered about how to get involved - whether you want to host a Maui Mixer, provide a service during an event, give a door prize, or advertise to our community - please consider the following.

Host Restaurants

James and Jen will do what they do best: bring business owners and entrepreneurs to your restaurant, heavily marketing you in the process.

Your job? To make a nice party: a beautiful setting, pupus (buffet is enough, passed is fantastic), and drinks.

What's worked for past events is a simple, value-driven formula: happy-hour-priced wine, beer, and a limited number of cocktails with complimentary pupus. Another option that has worked out well is to have a $20 cover charge for each guest, which entitles them to two drink tickets (alcoholic or non), plus pupus. In these cases, we set up an event on to handle sales. Maui Media pays all GET, credit card and eventbrite fees and then cuts a check to you. This way we can collect up front and have a fairly accurate head count prior to the event. Most entrepreneurs register within the four days prior to the event.

This is the perfect opportunity for the restaurant owner who knows he's got a great asset and wants to show it off to Maui opinion makers. Our socially-minded guests talk, post on Facebook, blog, and tweet - and do business with each other. It's plain good karma to have a Maui entrepreneur remember your restaurant as the place where they landed their book deal, found a new collaborator, or had a fantastic, money-making epiphany.

Mauians are notorious for not wanting to drive "all the way over to the other side," but we've found the opposite is true for the movers and shakers who come to Maui Mixers. Whether the Mixer is in south or west Maui, people travel from all over the island ... even from Hana and way upcountry... so we are open to restaurants in any area. Our guests want an excuse to find a new place to dine at other times, and we make sure everyone knows that YOU are the one who is making this party so downright fabulous.

To host a Maui Mixer, please use the Contact page and choose "Hosting a Maui Mixer" in the drop-down menu. Mahalo!!

Door Prizes

Want a chance to show off in front of hundreds of your peers? Consider donating a valuable door prize for an upcoming Maui Mixer.You'll get your name out in front of every attendee, a few moments on the microphone, and, of course, the satisfaction of knowing your hard work will be used by someone who really appreciates it.

Previous prizes have ranged from a day in the kitchen (including a multi-course meal) with Chef David Paul Johnson ($500 value) to delicious handmade chocolates from Sweet Paradise Chocolates to mini astrology readings from Dawn Elizabeth Gottlieb.

If you have a door prize idea, please use the Contact page and choose "Door Prize" in the drop-down menu. Mahalo!!

Banner Advertising

If you would like to advertise on this site and get your message out to hundreds of Maui business owners and entrepreneurs, please use the Contact page and choose "Banner Advertising" in the drop-down menu. Mahalo!!