Door Prize: Xergy 35 Fitness Studio

Kalimaya Herrera, the dynamo director of Exergy 35 Fitness Studio, is giving two (2!) gift certificates to Maui Mixer. Each prize gives you one MONTH of FREE classes at her new studio in Kihei. You can take classes in everything from from hula to martial arts, self-defense,  stick fighting, Chi Ribbon dance …

Kali is also giving away an hour of personal instruction in personal martial arts and/or self-defense training — or, if you prefer a lighter session, a therapeutic “Chi Flow Massage.”

We are so grateful for Kali’s generous gift, and for sharing her time and talent with Maui business owners and entrepreneurs.

Maui Mixers, this is it! With limited tickets to our March 14 event, you should guarantee your chance to win … get your ticket now: