Door Prize: Two Souls Pendant


Cici of Cici Maui Designs is offering a most precious door prize: a Two Souls, One Heart pendant. Created for a soldier deploying to Iraq who wanted something special for his fiancé, it’s a lovely piece to commemorate lasting love. The two separate pieces (which represent two souls) come together to form an angel-winged heart when worn together. They can even be worn separately, when lovers must part. It’s a sweet design, crafted from sterling silver. Thank you to Cici for giving Maui Mixer this most meaningful door prize valued at $295.

You can find more of Cici’s work at Jessica’s Gems in Kaanapali, Lahaina Scrimshaw, and Dolphin Galleries. Here’s a link to her website.

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Door Prize: Family Portrait for Five with Penny Palmer

When’s the last time you had a professional take a photo of your clan? Last year? Last month? It’s never too soon for another pro portrait. That’s why we were so happy when Penny Palmer, a photo-journalist who crafts beautiful portraits, offered to take photos of this month’s Maui Mixer at Stella Blues in Kihei. And, lo — she’s also offering a most generous door prize! Maybe you will be the lucky winner of a 1 hour family portrait session for up to five people, valued at $450.

We can’t promise it will be as action-packed as this great shot:

… but you can talk about that with Penny when you win!

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Door Prize: New Patient Visit with Dr. Brian Chenes, DC

brian-chenesIf you’ve been out of joint, don’t fret — all you need is a ticket to the next Maui Mixer.

While you mix and mingle with all of our fellow business owners, make sure to look for Dr. Brian Chenes. He may be new to Maui, but he’s been a licensed practicing chiropractor for 23 years, with practices in Breckenridge, CO and Taos, NM. Over the years he’s developed his own approach to chiropractic that unites Soft Tissue Manipulation, Joint Manipulation and Chiropractic Adjusting. His style could be just the thing you need to get the kinks out for the new year.

Dr. Chenes new patient visits are typically one hour and fifteen minutes (!!!) and include a full examination, diagnosis and treatment. And three lucky Maui Mixers will get gift certificates for this service — valued at $150 each! Check out his beautiful and informative website at: or call 808-633-6223 for an appointment.

As always, if you can’t attend, you can send an email to to enter to win a door prize. But we surely hope you’ll come to next Tuesday’s Maui Mixer.

It’s going to be a blast – and you can welcome Dr. Chenes to Maui.

Door Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Stella Blues

header_logo_1 (1)Oh, yummy. Our generous hosts for the January Maui Mixer, Kale Boverman and Cindy Eiting of Stella Blues, have just given us a $50 gift certificate. We want to keep it — but we don’t do that. We always pass on the love to you, our favorite Maui Mixers.

Lucky one who wins this door prize!

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Door Prize: Passion 4 Fashion Boutique Gift Certificate


If you love to explore and wear your passion, you’ve probably already discovered Passion 4 Fashion in the Lahaina Gateway Center. And if you haven’t, well, get on over there. Whether you’re looking for the perfect top, a slip of a dress, or a flirty pair of shoes, you’ll find a treasure trove of feminine whatnots and fancies.

One lucky Maui Mixer will get a little mad money for their shopping spree: the lovely ladies at Passion 4 Fashion are giving Maui Mixer a $20 gift certificate!

Get your tickets now for the January 29 Maui Mixer at Stella Blues. This is our first of the year, and our first event at this Maui institution, and it promises to be a blast:

Door Prize: 3 1-Hour Personal Training Sessions with Phil Schliep

1333509891Phil SchliepWith over 9 years of experience helping clients to get fit and feel great, Phil Schliep’s no slouch. That’s why we’re so honored that Phil, Fitness Director at Maui Powerhouse Gym, is giving one lucky Maui Mixer three (count them: 3) one hour personal training sessions. Talk about starting the year off right. Whether your recuperating from an injury or just need to take off what the holidays snuck onto your hips, Phil’s your man. This door prize is valued at $210, but worth so, so much more.

Get your tickets now to the Maui Mixer on January 29 …  it’s right around the corner:

Door Prize: Maui Powerhouse Gym Membership

mauipowerhousegymMaui Powerhouse Gym anchors Azeka Mauka Marketplace with a beautiful facility and a host of services. And this month they’re giving a lucky Maui Mixer a free one-month membership valued at $100.

It’s the perfect door prize for a Maui Mixer in January — especially if your New Year’s resolutions have, ermmm … waned. Let Maui Powerhouse kick your butt back in gear!

Speaking of which, don’t lose momentum — fill in the order form below to get your tickets to the Maui Mixer at Stella Blues:

January 2013 Maui Mixer: Stella Blues Cafe

header_logo_1 (1)Stella Blues in Kihei is planning quite a shindig for our first Maui Mixer of the year. We can’t wait!

As always, you’ll meet and mingle with hundreds of Maui business owners and entrepreneurs, while enjoying light pupus and two drink tickets. A great way to start the new year!

And the date is closer than you might think: get your tickets today!

January 29, 2013, 5:00-7:00pm

@ Stella Blues Cafe in Kihei